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Second Mile Giving

Second-Mile Giving

Global mission projects are supported by donations at Church of the Master. Giving beyond what is in the church budget (called second-mile giving) supports other projects both locally and globally.

Heifer International

Heifer International
 works in 125 countries around the world, helping families escape poverty and hunger. Animals provided by Heifer afford families nutrition, income, and a sustainable means of supporting themselves. More than thirty types of animals are provided, depending upon the climate, geography and other assessments. Families receive training before their animals arrive. The first offspring of these animals, along with training, are then passed along to another family. A Heifer animal changes lives, and is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Heifer promotes the principle of self-sustainability in many other ways as well. Soil preservation, crop diversity, maintenance of forested areas, and teaching agro-ecology techniques, are all important ways Heifer works to fight hunger and poverty. Church of the Master sent over $12,000.00 to Heifer International in 2007.


South Africa Soup Kitchens

The Concordia Section of the Garden Route Circuit includes five “societies” or congregations of native South Africans. All five churches are in townships in the Plettenberg Bay area. Plettenberg Bay is on the Indian Ocean, about 400 miles east of Capetown. Members of the five societies, four black and one “colored”, have migrated over a period of time from rural areas further north. They live in small government-built houses, or in shacks they have constructed themselves. On a V.I.M. (Volunteer in Mission) trip in 2001, the team observed soup kitchens in operation at three of the churches, and several team members came back home determined to help feed these starving children. About every six weeks since then, a wire transfer of donated monies has been sent directly to the fund administrator in Plettenberg Bay. One hundred per cent of every dollar donated is used to purchase food for these children. With the help of these monies, four soup kitchens now operate three days weekly. A fifth opened several months ago providing meals five days a week. Each year a separate transfer is made to provide parcels of food for families at Christmas time.

Disaster Relief

Through Church World Service, a non-denominational relief organization of which the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is a member: 

  • Medicine boxes
  • School kits - shipped to many countries in the world, enabling children to begin school with at least some basic supplies.
  • Health kits - contain basic personal care and hygiene items that are a godsend to many people housed in temporary shelters and crowded refugee quarters.
  • Flood buckets and shovels - contain disinfectants and cleaning supplies that enable people to begin the overwhelming job of cleaning up after a flood, hurricane, earthquake or other disaster.
  • Mission trip to New Windsor Distribution Center to sort clothing
  • Donations toUMCOR for disaster relief (earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis)


  • CROP Walk
  • Food Resource Bank
  • Agricultural Project, Nyembo Umpungu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Medical care:

  • Grace Children's Hospital, Haiti
  • Community Health Center, Nyembo Umpungu, Democratic Republic of Congo


  • Women's Progressive School and School for Preteen Girls, Nyembo Umpungu, Democratic Republic of Congo


  • Home repairs
  • Youth Mission Trips


Total non-budgeted giving for global missions is consistently about $25,000/year. We give a similar amount to local mission projects.