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Winter Weather Alert - January 20th Worship

01.19.19 | by Rev. Anna Guillozet

Winter Weather Alert - January 20th Worship

    January 20, 2019 - 6:15 a.m. 


    In update to last night's communication (referenced below): 

    Our staff has made the difficult decision of cancelling worship services this morning, January 20th, due to a Level 2 Weather Snow Emergency (Level 3 in Delaware Country in which many of you live). 

    I've just come in from walking the sidewalks and lots surrounding church. While the lot and walks are clear, with snow continuing to fall we cannot ensure that they remain safely clear throughout the morning. Our building/maintenance staff members reside in counties at Level 3. 

    Through our website you will find the option of submitting prayer requests, making your offering, and reviewing the events for the upcoming week. Please visit us at www.chmaster.org and let us know how we can continue to, alongside you, 

    Love God, Grow in Christ, Live to Serve 

    Pastor Anna


    January 19, 2019 - 8:15 p.m. 


    My family is winding down for the evening and settling in for bed. Weather is unpredictable, but I trust you will join me in thanks for shelter from the storm and in prayer for those who go without.

    I want to let you know that our Facilities Manager has plans to be present and assessing conditions first thing in the morning, working to clear sidewalks and our parking lot as well as possible. Because you all have blessed me with residence in such close proximity to our church building, I plan on being present for worship leadership at 8:30 and 11 a.m. regardless of weather conditions. If at all possible, our staff will be present as well if they can safely travel.

    Please use your discretion as to whether or not worship attendance is safe for you and your family. Please also remember that because our lot is small, we have little control over the salting/clearing of Otterbein and City of Westerville lots and sidewalks (though history tells us that these things will be cared for).

    If you choose to remain home tomorrow, please remember that you may still make your regular offering by mailing a check to the church office or by donating through PayPal by visiting http://www.chmaster.org/resources/online-giving/


    God of heaven and earth and the source of all that is, we thank you for the community of family, friends, and neighbors. As we dwell together in the midst of the storm, we thank you for providing safety to family and friends. Thank you for all those who work to ensure our safety in the clearing of streets and sidewalks and those who attend to emergency needs. For those who keep watch of the lives within our community, we ask your safety and protection. Bless all who go without food, clothing, warmth, shelter, comfort, and company this night and all nights. We thank you for Jesus, our shelter from all of life’s storms. Amen.

    ~~ Pastor Anna ~~